Varsity baseball player serves as role model, the real deal, the whole package


Senior Cam Fonville has proven his worth to the varsity baseball team with some solid play and stellar attitude.

“He’s been playing consistent defense, and we can always count on him,” said teammate, junior Brandon Ginnetti.
Being a skillful player is essential to the team, but being an uplifting spirit can change an entire season for any team.

“I think the season is going good right now; we started off really well the first several games, then in the next few, we struggled a bit. We stayed strong as a team to get back on track like we are now,” said Cam.

Cam aims to lead by example, and according to his teammates, he has helped bring the team to a record of 14-6.

“Cam is always the guy at practice that picks you up when you’re having a bad day; he makes you feel more confident. He is always in a good mood and always positive,” said sophomore, teammate Aidan Pinto.

His teammates are not the only ones who have noticed his attitude.

“Cam is an excellent baseball player, an even better person; he is funny, personable, smart, kind, hard-working. He’s the real deal, the whole package. He’s a leader, role model, and an all-around terrific young man, ” said head coach Peter Zell.

Throughout the season, he looked to improve in order to advance the team as much as possible.

“Coming into the season, I had the mindset of  ‘What could I do to make the team better?’  I worked hard in the off-season and was able to improve my game,” said Cam.

Cam was not just seeking to improve his own skills for the team.

“I said to myself  ‘If I can’t be the best player, then I’m going to be the best teammate’,” said Cam. “I think that’s the best thing I provided for this team.”