Team Loggerhead showcases creativity in boat design competition


Team Loggerhead students left to right: Hunter Nye, Marguerite Bright, Xaaron Robinson, Sarah Goldbach, and Owen Lowie.

At the start of this month, two Ocean Lakes teams entered the boat design contest sponsored by the Newport News Shipyard Apprentice School.

OL team Loggerhead made it to the top four finalists alongside the Advanced Technology Center, Jamestown High School, and West Springfield High School.

Marguerite Bright, Sarah Goldbach, Owen Lowie, Hunter Nye, Xaaron Robinson, and Mac Simon were invited to Newport News on May 4 to race three other teams’ sheet metal boats on Lake Maury.

West Springfield High School were the 2019 winners.

“This competition serves as an example of effective mentoring and the positive influence it can have to both the mentor and the mentee,” said competition team captain Chris Skiba.