Behind the wheel teacher steers students in right direction


Devona Carey starts her lesson in the student parking lot with sophomore Alex Logg on May 14, 2019

Every day “behind the wheel” students are greeted by their upbeat and positive driving instructor, Devona Carey, whose enthusiastic spirit encourages her students to be the best and safest drivers possible.

Carey started working for Virginia Beach City Public Schools in 2014 as a “behind the wheel” substitute at Salem High School, later transitioning to Ocean Lakes.

“I started when my children became teenagers and wanted to learn to drive. As a parent, I found helping them practice very interesting and decided I would like to do this to help other teenagers get their license,” said Carey.

The “behind the wheel” program is a seven-day training course that students must complete to be eligible for their license. The course covers basic driving fundamentals- from parking to changing lanes and everything in between.

“Behind the wheel is important because students gain experience and feel more confident when driving,” said senior Kiley Welsh.

Many students find Carey a delight to have as their driving instructor. Her key qualities in teaching are “love for children, patience, kindness, understanding, and a willingness to listen.”

She strives for every student to receive their license with confidence.

“She is very enthusiastic, never gets angry, and always gives us tips on how to better,” said sophomore Haiden Batson.

Although students praise Carey for her joyous approach to driving, she still emphasizes the safety and heavy responsibility that comes with obtaining a license. Carey firmly believes that driving remains a privilege, so student drivers should adhere to the laws that regulate the road.

“Teens should learn to drive in order to rely less on their parents for transportation and become responsible citizens,” said Carey.