Hurricane Dorian skims Southeast Virginia


Robbie Scornavacchi

Hurricane Dorian may have been a Category 2, but it caused many outages and much tree damage as shown here in Red Mill, a local Ocean Lakes High School neighborhood. Photo taken on Sept. 6.

Friday morning Hurricane Dorian skimmed the coast of North Carolina and South East Virginia causing many power outages, but not as much flooding as expected. By the time Dorian landed in Virginia Beach, it was only a Category 2.

“My family and I live in Lagomar, and we lost power at two in the morning, and it came back at 2:45 in the afternoon. It started to get very hot in the house, and some of the food started going bad. Because it was raining, we had to wait for the storm to pass,” said junior Mia Sapone.

According to Dominion Energy, Virginia Beach had a total of 3,731 power outages in Virginia Beach; however, it only brought 3.8 inches of rain. 

“I was expecting a bit more damage from the hurricane, but it only caused debris and small sticks to scatter around the neighborhood, causing a bit of a mess,” said Ross Insley, a junior who lives in South Shore Estates.