Memories made on summer student trip to Europe


Robert Weisenbeck

Students and teachers stand in front of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

AP Human Geography teacher Robert Weisenbeck took 16 students to Europe this past summer.

Chaperoned by himself and other teachers, such as English teacher Alexis Jones, the group traveled to Athens and Delphi in Greece and Rome and Florence in Italy. They experienced different landmarks and cultures in the famous cities.

According to Weisenbeck, on their first day in Athens, Greece, they walked through the open markets.

“The students were shocked to see butcher shops with dead lambs cut in half and chickens with the heads and feet attached hanging in open view. Everything was fresh and local. I explained that most people in the world don’t buy their meat neatly wrapped in plastic! They were appalled to see where food comes from. Then we walked along the street where vendors were selling street food from open stalls,” said Weisenbeck.  “The students were apprehensive because it is definitely not the American fast food experience. They thought it was sketchy! I bought Souvlaki and showed the students it was alright. It was delicious and incredibly cheap. The students bought their first street food and loved it!”

Jones said the group of students shared unique memories they will never forget and formed special bonds.

“The Temple of Poseidon in Greece was one of the most memorable places we saw. The scenery was indescribably beautiful, and our local tour guide told fascinating myths about the area,” said Jones.

Weisenbeck believes international travel is a great opportunity for students to expand their world view and work toward becoming global citizens.

“I lead trips every summer because I am passionate about travel and love to share the experience with students. I grew up traveling and took it for granted. I believe that travel to a place with a different culture and language from your own is an important part of education,” said Weisenbeck, who plans to take another group next summer to Ireland, Scotland, and England June 15-25, 2020.

The trip interest meeting will be held Wed., Sept. 25 at 5:30 p.m. in the Schola at Ocean Lakes High School.