New clocks cause question


Digital cartoon by Katie Kerrigan.

All of the digital clocks in the building have been replaced with new analog clocks this school year.
“The old clocks were original clocks that needed a contract from a company to work on them,” said Building Manager Matthew Foster.
The new clocks are simpler to use and fix compared to the previous clocks.
“The time is set up through the internet and resets itself when the time changes,” said Matthew Foster.
However, for many students, the new analog clock is harder to read.
“I feel more of a need to carry my phone in the hallway because it’s faster than trying to read the time by the clocks now,” said junior Malia Brink.
Reading the analog clocks is more time consuming for students.
“I find myself spending a few more seconds reading the clock instead of a quick glance,” said Malia.
These new Bluetooth clocks will start to be seen in other Virginia Beach schools.
“We are in the process of changing all school clocks,” said Foster.