School community Beach Bag program needs sponsors


Ashley Adams

Yearbook club sponsored and packed Beach Bags in room 161. Photo taken on Sept. 13, 2019.

The Beach Bag project encourages clubs, classes, teams, departments, and even private sponsors to “give back” to the Ocean Lakes community.

Each week the project aims to provide food bags, worth about $3.40, to students at Ocean Lakes Elementary and Ocean Lakes High School whose parents or guardians cannot regularly provide food for those in their household. Last year, the program was able to pack 2,000 bags. 

“There’s a great need in our community to take care of those students who may not be able to be adequately fed,” said John Williams, Student Activities Coordinator.

The program needs sponsors for this year that will cover the cost of the food needed for one week, 50 bags of food. The sponsors are also asked to help pack bags for their week. For more information about how to help, talk to Williams in room 161. 

“I think the Beach Bag program is a great way for students to help take care of other students,” said Williams.