Fitness center partners up with schools to promote health, community


Fara Wiles

Treadmills at Onelife Fitness Redmill.

Onelife Fitness Redmill has combined efforts with Virginia Beach Public Schools to create a wellness program. The gym, with various training equipment, from treadmills to punching bags, is a perfect place for workouts.

“The Onelife family is incredible,” said fitness manager Vinny Garufi. “Where else can you drop off your toddler on the way to body pump, see your neighbor’s son or daughter working out with our Personal Training staff, and then say goodbye to a student who is on the housekeeping team as you walk out?”

Memberships at Onelife Fitness start at $29.99 a month, including two complimentary personal training sessions with a free enrollment option.

“There’s nothing like bridging the gap between schools and community by way of fitness,” said Garufi.