Sneak away from sickness and sanitize


Desiray Martinez

Seniors Julia Mitchell and Kerri Hewett practice good hygiene by washing hands before lunch on Sept. 20.

Desiray Martinez, Staff Writer

Illness seems to be thick in the air this time of year, and sanitation reminders are deemed necessary.

According to Steven J. Heyden, author of Why Do I Get Sick When the Seasons Change?, “The National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that dry winter air allows cold and flu viruses to survive longer and transmit more easily.”

This time of year, the odds are in favor of illnesses. Therefore, staying a few steps ahead is key. 

“Washing your hands before and after entering the cafeteria, and being self-aware and keeping good habits are a necessity,” suggested head school nurse, Linda Umlauf. 

For students, smart hygiene practices can aid in keeping their immune systems strong and illness free.