First school assembly showcases fall sports, demonstrates school values


Fara Wiles

Marching band performs for incoming students at the beginning of the fall sports assembly. Photo taken on Sept. 25.

Led by Dr. Claire Leblanc and SCA President Ally Grabarczyk, the first assembly of the year gave a warm welcome to students and staff.

“All signs point to another incredible and productive school year,” said LeBlanc as she shared the school values students collaborated during Advisory. “The values we decided on are family, inclusivity, integrity, kindness, perseverance, and respect.”

The assembly also provided an opportunity for fall sports teams to showcase their athletes and season ahead, which seemed to highlight the school value of family.

“I like to hear each of the coaches’ values and what aspects of their team they enjoy,” said junior Rachel Ruble.

SCA introduced games, such as “Confetti or Spaghetti,” as well as the traditional spirit yell.  Students and faculty also viewed performances by the step team, dance team, and cheer team, who used the opportunity to teach the new sideline cheers of the year.

“I loved the energy of all the performances; they are personally my favorite party of the assemblies,” said Rachel. “I feel like they liven the mood and engage the audience.”

Students look forward to the step performance every assembly, and this year, both step and cheer involved the audiences with a bit of inclusivity.

Health and PE teacher Yogi Boothe also addressed “values” when she asked, “I have a 20 dollar bill. Who wants it?”  She finished with the famous,  “I am Somebody” affirmation. Some of the newest dolphins respected the way students responded to her lead.

“Having the whole student body come together and chant something positive and uplifting had a great impact for my first pep rally here at Ocean Lakes,” said senior Diamond Williams, who just recently joined the dolphin family.