Students flood the Lakes with ‘super’ spirit week

SCA spirit and sports committee plan successful themes


Kaitlyn McMahon

Caleb Lewis shows off colorful attire to celebrate spirit week.

Katie Kerrigan
Anna Lisner and Justin Estanislao fly high in Superman onesies.
Sophomore Lidia Wise shows off her friend’s spirited updo in honor of Wednesday’s “I Love OL” day.
English Department gather together during lunch with their superhero spirit.
Ashten Asimos
One student poses as Spiderman, who apparently is America’s most popular superhero nationwide.
Underclassmen celebrate USA day dressed in red, white, and blue.
Down in the English hallway, complete with Hawaiian shirts, leis, sunglasses, and fanny packs, students celebrate tacky tourist Tuesday.
New wing teachers pick sides for Nike vs. Adidas day, courtesy of old volleyball uniforms from Jack Wheeler.

SCA held its first spirit week of the year Sept. 23 – 27. Students participated in America Monday, Tacky Tourist Tuesday, ‘I Love OL’ Wednesday, Nike vs. Adidas Thursday, and Super Hero Friday.

“I think our fall spirit week turned out really well,” said SCA secretary Batool Ayaz.