Students “Smash” room 147

Super Smash Bros enthusiasts formed a group to play Nintendo Switch during lunch


Desiray Martinez

Students gather to play Super Smash Brothers in room 147 on Oct. 1, first half of lunch.

Three freshmen started Super Smash Brothers Club, a new highlight for lunch time, and their club gathers in room 147 to play Nintendo’s newly launched game, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate for Nintendo Switch. Noah Bryant, Thomas Locke, and E.J. Gatfield-Geth started the club on a whim.

Whether the students play on portables or on TV’s, the game was released last December but appears to be making a comeback.

“Anyone can come and share a switch,” said Noah Bryant.

While some believe they have to have the specific gaming device to play, it is encouraged to share with a friend.

“I come in here one day expecting 14 people, and there were maybe 38 [students], which was super surprising,” said Noah.

Economics teacher Daniel Barger wants to “get a bigger space” for the success of the club in the future. Every A day during lunch, students can meet up in room 147 for this new club to play.

“I love how this club has the ability to bring so many people together with a common interest,” said Thomas.