Students showcase cooperation, efficiency at STEM event


Jacob Ward, Staff Writer

A group of students participated in a STEM project designed to shorten the supply chain by redesigning a product with a 3D printer.  They displayed their entrepreneurial and design abilities at Maker Expo in June.
“Our team designed a CPR mask that had an interchangeable mouthpiece,” said Denitsa Dimitrova. “We performed very well and pitched well to our judges.”
All of the prototype products were pitched and then judged based on their ability to improve the efficiency of the supply chain.
Just as any group activity or project, the team dealt with struggles in order to build the best design possible.
“Our mask took about two and a half hours to print, so our greatest struggle was to get that time down as well as have the mask fit a face without letting air out,” said Denitsa.
Seeking to improve the product, the group will rethink through their errors for the next time they present their 3D model and business plan.
“We will plan better for the business aspect of the competition by doing more accurate cost estimates that include employee payments and shipping costs,” said Denitsa.