Senior researches heuristics, other aspects of psychology


Joshua Esposo

Inside of Patrick Rostock’s room, senior Julio Bermudez holds data for his senior research project on Nov. 22.

Julio Bermudez, a Math and Science Academy senior, is currently researching for his senior research project about the effect of heuristics on apperception and will present his research in early spring– on March 19.

“Heuristics are links in the mind, and apperception is one’s perception of new things based on past experiences,” said senior Julio Bermudez.

His project involved the testing of random and willing students who would partake in an experiment where they had to use their past experiences.

“I had people talk about certain parts of their life, and then I had them write stories based off of certain images that I drew. It was a lot of work, but it was really fun to go through and see what everybody had to say, and the stories that they made,” said Julio.