Students tour New York City on field trip


Turner Demers

From the Spirit of New York, on the Hudson River, passengers view the Manhattan skyline

Over 100 students attended the field trip to New York City from March 4 to March 6, and many of those study marketing with economics and marketing teacher James Cartwright.

He has planned this field trip for 15 years now.

“This has been the most kids. Previously, the most were 96, and now it’s 101,” said Cartwright.

This year’s field trip was host to art, economics, and marketing students, along with DECA club members. 

“Touring Droga5 was my favorite part of the trip because we were able to see how young people were able to create things,” said DECA student Taylor Hettinger.

Cartwright plans this trip every year with hopes to bring more students than the previous year.

“I’d love to take half of the school… it’s manageable,” said Cartwright.