Behind the Wheel courses offered through VBCPS


Behind the Wheel Instructor, Deborah Jenkyskau, starts early at 7 a.m. to prepare for Behind the Wheel.

Behind the Wheel is now available to all eligible students who wish to get their driver’s license.

In order to take this course, students must have a valid learner’s permit, a Driver Education completion card, or currently be enrolled in a 10th grade Health and PE class. They must also have completed the classroom portion of Driver’s Education.   

“To get your temporary license after you take the course, you have to fill out a 45 hour driving log and have your permit for nine months,” said Health and PE teacher Joe Jones. 

Students who wish to get their license after this course must also be at least 16 years and three months old and have an adequate academic status.

The course is seven days long and costs $210. Each session is 50 minutes per student and a car is provided. COVID-19 restrictions have loosened, so most sessions now have two or more students. 

“Usually one student will drive for 50 minutes while the other one observes, and then they will rotate,” said Jones. 

In order to navigate Virginia roads safely, students are given different destinations to drive to every day to gain knowledge of driving procedures in different places.

“We drive to different places on different days. Usually, we go to Pungo on the first day; we also drive to Sandbridge and back. We’ll spend time on the highway and on General Booth, Nimmo and Virginia Beach Blvd… Around here, near the beach, you’ve got to be used to driving in a lot of traffic, so it’s important to get that experience,” said Jones.

Unfortunately, there is a large waiting list for students who wish to take Behind the Wheel through VBCPS, so being aware of other driving school options is also important.

“I wasn’t able to do Behind the Wheel through the school because they seemed to be booked every time I reached out, so instead I took courses at Not Your Mothers’ Driving School,” said junior Ashley Bush.