Class of 2021 gains momentum with second class meeting


Freshmen met in the schola for their second meeting of the year. Back to front, left to right: Shashank Simha, Preston Brady, Chance Phillips, Alex Logg, Andrew Hammock, Jacob Park, Alan Mach, Ethan Nguyen, Brian Nguyen, Dylan Win, Yoland Gao, Haina Lusk, Briana McDonald, Arielle Keaney, Cyonni Perez, Aneshi Patel, Brice Howe, Justin Arenas, Jeannie She, Reese Thornton, Andrea Ayala, Keish Patel, Katherine Shi, Sam Cutler, Jason Querubin, Israel Olukanni, Logan Flanagen, Ryssa Ralibiran, Julianna Taxer, Sara Pompi, Victoria Gille, Bailey Wargo, Larry Eyalla.

On September 19 36 students of the Class of 2021 attended the second freshman class meeting of the 2017-18 school year. The meeting was held in the schola and led by sponsors English teacher Kristi Bayer and Special Education teacher Rebecca Strohm. Students began the meeting with icebreakers and discussed upcoming class events. Homecoming and Fall Fest were topics of discussion, but the class car wash on October 8 was the main focus of the meeting. Attendance remained high with an average of 30 students at the third class meeting on October 2, according to adviser Kristi Bayer.