Time to get spirited


Aboubakr Sissoko

A look into the “dolphins cove” on Nov. 5 at Ocean Lakes High School.

Spirit days, football games and “I love OL” are three reasons why school swag is a must for students, and the merchandise is located just minutes away from each classroom. 

“The store is right next to Mr. Cartwright’s room, located in room 104. It is next to the art classrooms, and you can visit it during your study block or off-blocks,” said senior Devin McCall.

The store consists of all kinds of swag and merchandise including the following: sweatshirts, jerseys, short sleeve tees, long-sleeve tees, insulation cups, crewnecks, stickers and drawstring bags. All the merchandise comes from Lynnhaven Screen Printing.   

“The apparel comes in all sorts of colors and designs. The jerseys, tees and hoodies have been the most popular items so far,” said marketing teacher and store manager, James Cartwright. “The creative artwork on these items is what makes them so popular.”

The average price range for the apparel is $25. Cash and credit cards are both accepted, but School Cash Online is even more convenient.

“You can contact Mr. Cartwright via email ([email protected]) if you are interested in coming to the store to make sure someone will be there to help you. You should be able to stop by the store immediately before or after the school day,” said Devin. 

The store is managed by Cartwright but is run by the Distributive Education Clubs of America (D.E.C.A) club. According to Cartwright, the money earned from the store goes to a school fund and helps create more merchandise. 

“D.E.C.A club helps advertise and maintain the store. We come up with ideas for designs and tell our friends about it,” said senior Tyson Jacques, a D.E.C.A club member.