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The U.S. ranks as the No.1 country… in processed foods

Infographic by Halle Packard
Infographic lists dangerous additives and chemicals that are commonly found in most American foods. These brands are ranked highest for containing additives.

American food is slowly killing its people. 

Each country’s government decides what food additives they deem healthy and safe. The United States considers most food additives to be safe until proven differently. Other countries take a separate and healthier approach. 

The European Union more tightly controls the additives allowed into their food. The U.S., on the other hand, allows many different unhealthy additives to be put into foods and then onto grocery store shelves. 

More than 2,500 chemicals are intentionally added to the food to enhance color, flavor, shelf life and cost, according to National Institutes of Health. 

Big name brands such as Heinz, McDonald’s and Kellogg, have different ingredients in their food, depending on where it’s being sold.

Products sold in America are stuffed with unnecessary chemicals that are banned in other countries. 

The approach of America’s lenient FDA is the reason. 

Countries, such as Europe, take precautions towards additives deemed potentially risky. This is because the European government is concerned most about the welfare of their people and America cares about the revenue the products can bring them.

Around 60 to 90% of the standard American diet consists of heavily processed foods, according to Henry Ford Health. 

Not all American food brands are unhealthy with companies such as Applegate, Siggi’s, Kashi, Halo Top, Safe Catch and KIND, adding healthy ingredients to their products. 

Next trip to the store, take a peek at what ingredients are listed on the packaging. It’s sure to be shocking. 

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About the Contributor
Halle Packard
Halle Packard, Opinion Editor
Halle Packard is a fourth-year journalist and the opinion editor for The Current. In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach at sunset, blasting music in the car with the windows down, and going exploring.

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