Junior goes paperless

“…Minimalism is the only real remedy to solve this problem.” — Vu Giang


Vi Giang completes his most recent science assignment in room 251. Photograph taken by Alexia Fenner.

With the recent school year comes the hassle of mountainous paper stacks and junior Vu Giang, academy student, decided to get rid of the problem entirely.

“I was tired of losing paper and having to file so many things. [It] would relieve me of so much stress, and it would allow me to be more productive since I worry less,” said Vu about his motive.

Several points of influence helped him implement more use of technology over the break.

“I just picked up this practice after having watched some videos by Ali Abdaal and Thomas Frank and by adopting the philosophy of minimalism,” said Vu.

Minimalism is the elimination of whatever is deemed unnecessary by the owner to utilize everything left over to its full capacity.

“Society and culture have caused humanity to be so materialistic,” said Vu.

This forces him “to do more with less,” and he is “less stressed overall.”

“The cost of buying the iPad, pencil, and keyboard to make this experience so versatile and functional is probably the biggest downside, but what I produce, so far, outweighs the cost,” said Vu.