Senior runner excels on the track


Nick Dilorenzo

Left to right: Seniors Sean Burtner, Harrison Hurst, Alex Stern, and Dillon Schweers after the Aididas Invitational in Cary, NC.

At every practice, Harrison Hurst is sure to be found standing right in the middle of the circle leading the track team in stretches.

“He is a fantastic leader for us and anytime there’s a lull or I’m doing something, and I need someone to step up for us, he’s the guy who takes charge,” said his coach Michael Nestor.

Harrison runs the one mine and the two mile, and he practices six days a week for two hours each day.

Harrison is adored by his teammates for his uplifting attributes.

“He always does a great job keeping everyone focused and is very encouraging to all of his teammates, experienced and inexperienced,” said sophomore Liv Scharfe.

Another one of his teammates, sophomore Griffin Ginn, says that he is a phenomenal and inspiring team leader.

“For the past four years track has given me a family and it’s taught me different things like discipline and mental strength,” said senior Harrison Hurst.