Romance during quarantine


A meme depicting the development of relationships throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hugs, kisses, and hand-holding have been replaced by facetime dates, texts, and care packages. Relationships now look vastly different due to COVID-19. Couples that used to see each other nearly every day have essentially been forced into long-distance relationships.

Long-distance relationships can be tricky, especially when they are not by choice and there is almost no option of seeing each other. 

According to refinery29, about 35% of long-distance couples are teenagers or college students and the average length of the relationship is 2.9 years. 

Communication plays a major role in successful relationships. Virtual, rather than in-person interactions, often lead to miscommunication and fights. This pandemic is hard enough to deal with, but the inability to physically see each other puts a severe mental weight on couples.

Love reveals itself in many languages, but physical touch is a big one. Physical proximity allows for easier communication and relationship development; however, relationships have shifted online. A virtual connection has become the main way most activities are done through quarantine, but especially for connections with loved ones. Facetime dates have become popular among young couples that can not see each other. Couples are often left with nothing to do but watch Netflix, play games, and talk on the phone for quality time. It is essential to set aside time to focus on each other in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

“I think maintaining a relationship while in quarantine is definitely more difficult than normal, but doing things like watching movie series and Netflix together helps to give us something to talk about,” said junior Emerson Imbriale.

While it may be hard initially, time apart may actually improve a relationship. According to BBC, missing your partner has been shown to often improve relationship health and creates more positivity, honesty, and openness once reunited.

Regardless of how couples stay connected, it is important to use open communication throughout the quarantine to maintain the relationship. While it seems hard to stay away, the most important goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy which will hopefully lead to couples’ reunions with lessened restrictions.

“It is important to find ways to connect and spend time with loved ones and friends during quarantine. I enjoy having Zoom chats with my family, playing games with friends on apps like House Party, and even reading the same book with my boyfriend and talking about it later,” said Kristen Hager.