VBCPS announced lacrosse as an official varsity sport


David Dinsmoor

Boys lacrosse team huddles together after a challenging game against Grassfield at the Princess Anne Athletic Complex.

Virginia Beach School Board members recently voted to add lacrosse as a varsity sport with a start date of spring 2023. According to The Virginian Pilot, Hampton Roads is the first school division to make this decision. 

“I think that lacrosse will become more known, and more players will join the team now that it’s officially a varsity sport,” said junior Ryan Devlin.

Players, parents and coaches have been pushing this decision for years; however, the discussion had been postponed until this year due to COVID-19. 

“I think it’s great that lacrosse is becoming a sport. It’s been an ongoing discussion for a while now, and I know that every lacrosse player in this area is excited about this new opportunity,” said Ryan. 

Lacrosse has been a club sport through the Hampton Roads Lacrosse League for many years now. The Beach community has spoken at School Board meetings in favor of adding lacrosse as a varsity sport.  

“As a club player for my travel team, I feel that since lacrosse is becoming a sport I have a better opportunity of getting scouted or watched by coaches or others,” said Ryan. 

Many have debated about the concerns lacrosse would bring including the field capacities, costs and equipment, but the opportunity to have lacrosse in Virginia Beach would be an advantage for boys and girls who are looking to further their lacrosse career at the collegiate level. 

“I’m very excited for lacrosse to become a varsity sport because it means that it is being recognized as a more professional thing,” said sophomore Summerlin Gates. 

Many players hope that making lacrosse a varsity sport will entice new players to join the school sport.

“I’m most excited about the community of people it will bring together at this school as it progresses as a sport,” said junior Michael Locke.