Bad parking reveals disregard for others


Meilani Bitanga

An example of what acceptable parking looks like in the student parking lot on Dec. 19.

Everyone’s worst nightmare, whether they have been on the road for a month or 30 years, is parking. One simply cannot learn how to drive in the city or anywhere without learning how to properly maneuver a vehicle into one spot.
Most people have had an experience with a bad parker or driver. While some move on and go about their day, others take on a different approach. An approach informally known as, ‘revenge parking.’  This could be demonstrated by leaving a note on someone’s windshield or even writing a message on the hood of a car.

“I’ve never thought about getting revenge on a bad parker,” said senior Anaiya Brooks. “I just yell at them in my head and try to forget about it later.”

The world is full of busy people, whose number one priority is not parking. When it affects the others around them, that is when problems arise. Accidents that occur on the road can be just as dangerous as accidents off the road. Therefore, just as much precaution and care need to be taken while parking.

“One time I had to go through my passenger’s seat to get out of my car,” said Chemistry teacher Madison Davis. “That was the most extreme time, but it happens all the time.”

Although everyone today must go through Behind the Wheel or some form of it, parking is still a problem. Cars are often parked too close to those around them or some even occupy more than one space. For that reason, more attention needs to be shed on parking during Behind the Wheel courses.

When the topic of bad parking was brought up in discussion with the Behind the Wheel instructor, Devona Carey, her reaction was one of confusion and disappointment.

“People can’t park, can they?” said Carey. “It affects others a lot.”

According to Daily Mail, a study found that almost a fifth of available car spaces go to waste because no car could fit between any two vehicles. If better parking techniques were put to use, then up to 17% of parking spots would be freed up in the busiest lots.

Bad parking is a silent crime that often flies under the radar. People need to be more considerate. Stay in the lines, people. They are there for a reason.