Cross country conditions despite heat


Mike Nestor

The cross country team meets at Kellam on Aug. 12 to condition for the imminent fall season.

Cross country races through this summer’s conditioning despite the new CDC guidelines to accommodate for the Delta Variant. Team conditioning locations and practices have been limited due to the new guidelines.

“The new guidelines have made it harder to get to know the new freshman on the team when we aren’t able to travel together,” said junior Nate Bushey.

“Fall conditioning helps me during the school season to unwind and release stress that may build up during the school day. It allows me to see my friends and who I may not get to see otherwise and just have a good time,” said Nate. 

To find more information about school sports teams and conditioning, visit the Ocean Lakes website online to find sponsors for each team.

“Cross country information can be found mainly through contacting coach Mike Nestor through the OLHS webpage,” said Nate.