VBCPS announces upperclassmen return to school


Fara Wiles

Class of 2021 officers created colorful posters in Kristi Bayer’s classroom for two days to greet the upperclassmen who will return to school on Nov. 12.

Mai Cao, Staff Writer

Upperclassmen return to school was confirmed for Nov. 12 after a VBCPS board meeting. 

Students with the last names A-K will return Tuesdays and Wednesdays beginning Nov. 17, while those with the last names K-Z will arrive Thursdays and Fridays starting on Nov. 12.

“After meeting with the senior class officers yesterday, I am excited they will return to the building and hope that they will be able to experience the many highlights and special occasions that are associated with a senior year in high school. I also look forward to seeing the other students who will return on November 12th. It has been too long since they walked our hallowed halls! It has also been eerily quiet!” said Principal Claire LeBlanc.

COVID-19 restrictions mandated the amount of students that can return.

Social distancing rules, masks, and hybrid-classes may complicate communication and impede classroom efficiency, but they have become necessary during the pandemic. 

“We all want our favorite events back, but returning too early would cause an increase of COVID-19 cases and set us back even further. It would be very difficult to maintain safe social distancing, and who knows how cooperative everyone will be about wearing masks,” said sophomore Sonia Kekeh.

Many individuals are torn between remote learning versus face-to-face learning.

“I’m very 50-50 on this decision, but based on current circumstances, I support allowing upperclassmen to return to the building,” said sophomore Jumana Zara. “Based on each respective student’s standing in terms of health and ability to learn, it’s solely their decision to figure out what is the best choice for them and if they’re willing to take the risk.”

Students and staff prepare for the upperclassmen to arrive; groups, such as SCA and Class of 2021, prepared this week to welcome students back with posters and building preparations.

“We wanted the senior class to have a chance to get together, and what better way than creating welcome back signs for the upperclassmen,” said 2021 class sponsor Kristi Bayer.