SCA aims to cultivate school spirit with new initiatives


Riley Devlin

Senior, Gabriel Gonzales, advertises QR code for SCA General Assembly on Sept. 27 at Ocean Lakes High School.

Riley Devlin, Editor-in-Chief

Prior to SCA’s first virtual assembly of the year, students enjoyed spirit week. 

Spirit week consisted of Comfy vs. Dress to Impress, Past vs. Future, Country vs. Country Club, Crocs vs. Sneakers vs. Birkenstocks and Blue vs. Silver vs. White vs. Gold. 

“I would say spirit week was definitely more of a hit this year compared to last year for a few reasons. First, being that we are all together in person which I am so grateful for! Next, I would say we gave lots of room and choices with the vs.,” said SCA president Chelsea Agyei. “Lastly, I would say that our publicity was really strong, not only on social media but in the building as well.”

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the annual fall assembly had to be virtual to keep all students safe. Seniors Kaitlyn Hertz and Ashten Asimos planned the content for the virtual assembly as well as put it together. With the help of the SCA executive board, they were able to introduce the fall sports teams, interview staff, and connect with students. 

“With COVID-19 restrictions we couldn’t get within three feet of each other at all times, so interviewing the sports teams was quite difficult. I thought with the spying theme, we could keep a safe distance while still capturing some awesome moments,” said Ashten. 

Although Officer and Executive Board positions have been filled up, the General Assembly still needs new members. The General Assembly meets monthly during lunch, on zoom and after school. During meetings, members are updated on upcoming projects and volunteer opportunities during events. 

“There are several places students can find the link to the GA app: there was a message in Schoology, there are signs around the building and it is also on our Instagram,” said SCA sponsor Wendy Tate. “Joining the General Assembly is a great way to help the SCA plan events, contribute ideas and learn some leadership skills. It’s a great first step to being a part of the Executive Board of the SCA.”