Clubs and organizations come together with “Finsgiving” tradition


Katelynn Loos

Juniors (left to right) Max Lichtenstein, Ryan Nguyen, Alexie Aboka, Marguerite Bright, and Molly Hagerman wait to consume Finsgiving delicacies.

The first annual “Finsgiving” was celebrated in the cafeteria by various clubs and organizations on Tuesday November 28. About 10 clubs and 50 people attended the event.

“There was a lot of desserts that people brought and made themselves,” said senior Latin Honor Society member Katelynn Loos. “It was traditional food like mashed potatoes and cornbread, but also random stuff like yakisoba, mac and cheese, and chips with salsa.”

Being the first year, the group was smaller than expected making it difficult to bring all clubs together, yet most enjoyed the atmosphere, according to Loos.

“Everyone tended to mingle with friends, but after a year or two I think it will become something of a legacy for our schools and clubs,” said Loos.