Public Speaking provides advice to freshmen, practices skills


Philip Stiles

Senior Jeremy Alexander demonstrates with a freshman volunteer what it is like to have to juggle to many things at once.

Philip Stiles, News Editor

Kristi Bayer’s Public Speaking class recently presented to freshmen to offer them some advice for high school. Presenters covered school spirit, setting goals, balance, procrastination, honor code, responsibility and communication, social media, courses, college and recruitment, and individuality.

Orated by seniors Austin Botwright, Tristian Crane, Jaevon Becton, Zac Dunham, Lauren Nery, Leasel Piranian, Chet Wiltshire, and juniors Jacob Zidow, Justin Vilabrera, Vincent Sheaberyy, and Elias Negron, presentations ran smoothly and freshmen learned from upperclassmen.