Dr. Strange debut adopts horror theme


Ethan Moran

Dr. Strange and the Multiverse Of Madness receives a seven-point four rating out of 10 on IMDb, and a 74% tomato meter with an included 86% audience score.

Ethan Moran, Staff Writer

Dr. Strange’s second debut, Multiverse of Madness, has conjured the movie to hit the top movie charts. Being the second movie in the Dr. Strange Series, recently released May 6, 2022, it has astonished all Marvel fans. The different elements not usually input into Marvel movies in the story make the movie entertaining to watch.

The new Dr. Strange movie introduces new horror elements that are not commonly seen in Marvel movies. The horror elements make the Marvel movie different from past Marvel movies, and they give the movie a more sinister feel.

“I think that the horror vibe that the movie had definitely added a different way to view a Marvel movie, but when I was watching the movie in theaters, there were little kids in that theater,” said Astronomy teacher Michelle Bailey-Hennessey.

Dr. Strange’s big hit is also a part of Spider-Man’s newest movie, No Way Home. Dr. Strange appeared in No Way Home as Peter Parker’s go-to when he wanted magic to fix his problems. Multiverse of Madness takes place a couple of months after No Way Home and this time, Dr. Strange has to deal with his own problems. His problems consisted of Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, and the superhero America Chavez. Scarlet Witch became a problem when she allowed herself to become corrupted by The Book of the Damned, which came into play in Disney+’s hit series Wandavision.

“I think Wanda allowed herself to be corrupted by The Book of the Damned because she was willing to do anything to have a family again after losing hers in Wandavision,” said sophomore Shaina Potts.